Residential Sprinklers services in Glasgow & Central Scotland

Residential Sprinklers services in Glasgow & Central Scotland

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Statistics for 2014 (latest official figures available) show there were 61,300 building fires, which resulted in over 322 deaths and 18,200 injuries during that year. Of these – 39,600 were fires in dwellings which caused 258 deaths and 7,758 injuries. These statistics clearly show that your home is a dangerous place. In fact, fires in the home account for over 80% of all building fires and over 80% of all casualties. You are more likely to die in a fire at home than anywhere else.

Smoke alarms give good warning of fires, but are only effective if there is anyone there to hear them. What happens if you are deaf or bedridden or simply not there? A recent report shows that over 95% of children for instance will sleep through a smoke alarm.

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How do fire sprinklers work?

  • A fire sprinkler system is designed to operate over a predetermined floor area and needs to be designed by an expert.
  • Fire sprinkler supply pipes are permanently charged with water from the domestic water main.
  • Fire sprinklers are fitted to the system of supply pipes and each is an independent unit and operates only if the fire causes it to do so.
  • Each fire sprinkler is fitted with a small thermal element (bulb) activated by heat from a fire and set to operate at no less than 30° C above ambient temperature, making accidental activation very unlikely other than in a fire condition.
  • In the majority of fires just one sprinkler head is operated which is normally sufficient to deal with the fire.

Installation of fire sprinklers

  • A residential fire sprinkler system is designed specifically for the domestic environment.
  • All the pipework is concealed in the floors and walls and the sprinklers themselves are small, neat and blend in with the decor. They are available in a range of colours and finishes and even concealed models can now be obtained.
  • The heads are connected through a system of pipes to the water mains or an alternative secure source of water. Most rooms require 1 or 2 sprinkler heads to afford complete protection.
  • Minimal disruption.
  • The process of installation is similar to putting in central heating but with much less pipework and thus less disruption.
  • An adequate and reliable water supply is obviously essential for a sprinkler system. This can normally be obtained directly from the water mains, but in some cases may need to be stored on site.

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